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Time after Time is the first of the Alex Balfour novels. Professional historian Alex Balfour has inherited the ability to dream himself back in time. In these three (chosen as best books of the year by the American Library Association) Balfour finds himself cast into adventures that swirl around some of the seminal events in world history. While his girl friend Molly fights her own battles in the present, Alex struggles to extricate himself from some of history's deadliest dilemmas.

Revolutionary Russia is the setting -- after dealing with Rasputin, Lenin, and other villains, and fighting his way across Russia, Alex finds himself outside the house where the Romanovs are about to be executed. And why does present DNA research show that not all of the family was killed that night?

Ten years after the Civil War the great American Centennial Exhibition opened to the astonishment of the entire world. This tale takes Alex Balfour from his mysterious awakening at the Exhibition through his friendship with Mark Twain and ends at the killing fields of the Little Big Horn with General George Custer.

From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima Alex Balfour is trapped in some of the deadliest dramas of the Second World War. Back in the present, girlfriend Molly deals with a terrorist threat. This time, Alex is not sure if he'll ever make it back.

Alex finds himself caught up in the American Civil War. Through a mysterious turn of events, Molly is also drawn back to the same time period. Why? Alex's father, last seen in the first book of the series, comes back into his life.


Number four in the Pastmaster series.


 See the small essay in the Thoughts section of the webesite for more information on how this novel came to be and the continuation of the series.

The Alex Balfour Time Travel Novels

Gift Books: by Allen Appel and Gift Books by Sherry Appel

The first of our gift books, From Father to Son: Wisdom For the Next Generation, was published in 1993. Allen, who grew up in West Virginia in the 50s and 60s, felt that a certain style of community sharing-of-wisdom was disappearing from our lives and our children's lives. To preserve some of those memories, he asked hundreds of men for their stories about their fathers. They provided solid, useable wisdom that their fathers passed along to them as they were growing up. This book, like all of our gift books, has a special section in the back to add your own stories or words of advice. A perfect gift from father to son, or from son to father.

From Father to Son        by Allen

After the publication of From Father To Son, Allen noticed at book signings that there was a significant percentage of men who regretted never expressing their thanks to their fathers for guiding them as they grew up. This book, Thanks, Dad, was an attempt to give men a way of simply saying thank you to their fathers. Well aware of most men's limitations when it comes to expressing emotions, the book was written with what is hoped to be gentle humor as well as heartfelt feelings.

Thanks, Dad       by Allen

Immediately after the publication of From Father to Son, we started getting the question, "How about one for mothers and daughters?" Since Allen was neither of these, there didn't seem to be any good way to undertake this project. Then Sherry (also a writer) said she would talk to her friends and see if she could get enough material to put just such a book together. From Mother to Daughter is the result.

From Mother to Daughter       by Sherry

During Sherry's signings, (book signings are a great learning experience for authors) Sherry found women responding enthusiastically to From Mother to Daughter, and heard that the book was instrumental in initiating candid and heartfelt talks between mothers and daughters about all aspects of their lives. To complete the circle of books, she decided to write Thanks, Mom.

Thanks, Mom       by Sherry

Having a child is one of the most powerful experiences in a woman's life, and the most compelling advice comes firsthand from mothers who have been through it all. Sherry contacted hundreds of women, many of whom had helped in the other Mother to Daughter books, for advice ranging from pregnancy to toddlerhood, lessons learned from their mothers and from experience. The result is another beautiful book in the series that celebrates the bond between women, from mother to daughter.

After the success of Advice and Lessons for a Good Life, St. Martins Press decided that another Mother book would be a good idea. While putting together her first book, Sherry found that much of the Mother wisdom she received dealt with the kitchen and cooking. It seemed the natural place for mothers to pass along advice to daughters. So she asked women to give us not only more stories about their mothers, but recipes as well. Family traditions, family secrets, and all the cooking tricks that women had learned in the kitchen. We received hundreds of responses and field tested every recipe that appears in the book. There are some great ones, many of which are now part of our family's repertoire.

On The Birth of Your Child       by Sherry

Wisdom From the Kitchen       by Sherry

Hellhound was written with Craig Roberts, a retired helicopter cop and decorated veteran of Vietnam. It was also the first book written by the two Allen Appels, father and son, Allen Appel III and Allen Appel IV, who are either blessed or cursed with having the same name.

My First book. While standing in the non-fiction section of the public library in Missoula, Montana one day, I came up with the idea to do a book about how famous and not-so-famous people had died. I did most of the research (I read the last five pages of every book in the biography section) and enlisted the help of a writer friend, Bob Arnebeck to do the writing. We sold the book to Viking Press. I did all the collage illustrations and much of the writing, but when it came time to do the attribution Viking said I couldn't claim duel credit, writing and illustration, as it was unheard of. I acquiesced, but I wasn't happy about it. This book is pretty rare, I only have two copies, but you can find it on the Internet occasionally



Proust’s Last Beer

Written with Mike Rothmiller, this is wisdom being handed down from Old Dog to Pups everywhere. “Stuffed toys are fun. Tear them apart and scatter the pieces around the house.” “Dog food is anything a dog decides is food.” “Always gulp your food.”

I think this is a very funny book. There are copies to be found on the Internet.

Old Dog’s Guide For Pups

My most recent book

My Hero: Military Kids Write About Their Moms and Dads

These are short essays written by military kids. They will make you laugh and they will break your heart. I put the book together with Mike Rothmiller from more than a thousand essays and drawings that were submitted.